Posted on July 7, 2017

Member Profile: Brooklyn

Teen BGCC member Brooklyn excels in and outside the Club.

14-year-old Brooklyn sits at a large wooden desk, surrounded by authentic toys and games from the 1890s. She speaks to a group of elementary school girls about the various games on the counter spread in front of her, demonstrating their functions as she speaks.  For Brooklyn, it’s a typical summer day at Ohio History Connection.

Brooklyn has been a Boys & Girls Club member at our KIPP Club since she entered fifth grade. “The best thing about Boys & Girls Club is all the opportunities I’ve had, like earning volunteer hours and making friendships,” she reflected of her experiences over the past four years.  “I love having the SMART Girls program every Wednesday…and Thursdays when we convince staff! One time we spoke with female athletes from The Ohio State University, and they talked about going to college,” she continued. SMART Girls programming aims to enhance self-esteem, and Brooklyn credits the program for giving her the confidence to pursue her ambitions.

Despite not yet entering high school, Brooklyn already has her sights set on her university education. Her top school is Denison University, where she plans to major in Black Studies. After her visit to campus for a basketball game, she was certain that the school was for her. When Denison got word of Brooklyn’s interest, they sent come collegiate pride to Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus so she could represent the school for her four years before college!

This summer, Brooklyn works at Ohio History Connection four days a week, thanks for the ACHIEVE program in partnership with the City of Columbus, Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus, and the Workforce Development Board. As Brooklyn’s first job, her responsibilities are far from what she was expecting. “I pictured myself sitting at a computer all day, but instead I’m interacting with kids and giving them information about the time period,” she said. Her role as “interpreter” for the museum requires that she learn content about her designated area and present it in a way that is relatable for guests.  “My favorite thing about being here is the people. I love to interact with museum guests because there is such a wide range of people, and I am learning to communicate with different types of personalities,” she shared enthusiastically. With Brooklyn’s motivation, experience, and determination, she is on the path to a Great Future!