Posted on July 14, 2017

Riley Plans Great Future with Mayor Ginther

BGCC member Riley had a private meeting with Mayor Ginther yesterday to discuss his future as Columbus mayor.

Mayor Andrew Ginther and Club member Riley walked stride-for-stride yesterday down the corridor of City Hall discussing the endangered species that the 8-year-old plans to save. Jaguars, pandas, and tigers were all on Riley’s list for the meeting’s agenda. That’s Riley’s second priority when he becomes mayor in a few decades. His first is to help the community.

After a brief introduction between the current mayor and future mayor, Mayor Ginther promptly urged Riley to test out his personal office chair to ensure that it was a good fit. He pointed out the seal of Columbus over his desk and proceeded to pin Riley’s lapel with an identical pin to the one he was wearing. Riley got a glimpse of the mayor’s private bathroom in his office suite that he shares with only two honorary people: his wife and 7-year-old daughter. He encouraged Riley to consider who he would share his exclusive mayor bathroom with.

Riley tried on the mayor’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade sash, got an inside look at the collection of international artifacts gifted to him, and tested out his future seat at the head of the table in the conference room and in the City Council Chamber room. Riley agreed that the seats felt comfortable after Mayor Ginther assured him that they could be lowered to accommodate his 8-year-old stature.

Riley said that this opportunity was “the most exciting thing” of his life thus far. This young member’s personal meeting with the mayor further solidified his dream of helping the community, and we are looking forward to guiding him on the path to his Great Future as Columbus mayor.