Posted on September 8, 2017

Clubs are Back in Session!

After a two-week break from summer programming, youth came back to the Club for an exciting year of programming.

It’s September, and Clubs are back in session! On Tuesday, youth from around the city came pouring back into Clubs from a two-week break after summer programming. A buzz of excitement rang through the hallways as members old and new got acquainted with their new schedule, friends, and programming for the upcoming school year.

Over the past two weeks, staff have been working hard to be better-equipped to serve our members who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Professional development sessions centered around socioemotional development, which considers each individual child’s experiences, expressions, and emotional management in order to establish positive relationships. Staff also dedicated their time to getting Club spaces ready for a new year of programming with new layouts to accommodate additional members, designed visual displays, and organized fresh supplies.

We can’t to impact more young lives in our Clubs this coming year with new members already registered at every site.  One new member, 6-year-old KJ, shared, “I want to make new friends and learn.” He’s come to the right place!