Posted on February 23, 2018

BGCC Announces 2018 Youth of the Year!

Each year, Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus selects one exceptional club member that exemplifies its mission, demonstrates extraordinary leadership and communicates the impact the organization has in transforming the lives of kids in our community. This year, candidates from our clubs competed for the 2018 Youth of the Year title by delivering self-written speeches on their vision for America’s youth. “I want to see kids like me achieve greater things,” said Nyemah, our 2018 Youth of the Year recipient.  A member since the age of six, Nyemah has credited the close friendships she has made in the Clubs to sports. Nyemah plays on both the soccer and basketball teams, as well as participates in her high school bowling league.  As President of the Keystone Club, Nyemah leads a select group of teens, dedicated to tackling service projects in the community.  With her new title, Nyemah will not only serve as an ambassador for the Clubs over the next year, but will compete for the state Youth of the Year competition in March.  Whatever the outcome, there is no doubt, she is destined for a Great Future!