About Us

Boys & Girls Club of Marion County gives young people the support, guidance, tools, and skills to succeed in life. We provide comprehensive, affordable afterschool and summer programming for youth Kindergarten through 18 year olds. Membership costs just $20 per child per year and entitles youth to unlimited Club access. It is a place where great futures are started each and every day


Our History

  1. 1996

    Founded in Marion County to give youth a safe place to go afterschool.

  2. 2013

    Moved into our traditional club house at 565 Oak Street allowing the program to serve more members together daily.

  3. 2021

    In partnership with the ADAMH board of Marion County the Club received $500,000 for Capital improvements to renovate the building for ourĀ  members

  • Among our teen-aged Club members, 99% expect to graduate from high school, and 73% expect to complete some kind of post-secondary education

  • In 2019, Boys & Girls Club of Marion County served over 800 youth.

  • 78% of members believe that our staff members care about them and expect them to succeed in life!

  • 80%of Club teen members volunteer in their community at least once per year, while 36% volunteer in their community at least once per month.

  • 61%of Club members ages 9 and older report getting at least an hour of physical activity on five or more days per week.

Our Team

  • Maggie Breeding

    Market Area Director



  • Shay Payne

    Assistant Director



  • Tiffany Tackett

    Front Desk


  • Mallory Haas

    Youth Development Professional




  • Nikki Eaton

    Youth Development Professional




  • Mallory Galloway

    Youth Development Professional


    4th grade


  • Mikayla Tritabaugh

    Youth Development Professional




  • Trent Ramsey

    Youth Development Professional




  • Bobbi Wilds

    Youth Development Professional




  • Freya Sexton

    Youth Development Professional


    2nd grade


  • Andrea Ramsey

    Youth Development Professional


    3rd Grade


Advisory Board

We are currently adding members to our local BGCMC Advisory Board to represent our Marion organization with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Ohio Board. If you are interested please reach out to Maggie Breeding, Market Area Director at maggie@bgcmarion.org.

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