Character & Leadership

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Marion County, we empower members to contribute to their community and the Club and to celebrate their own and others’ cultural identities. We support them in real-world activities that develop leadership skills, instill the importance of building meaningful relationships, and help them to become role models among their peers.

  • Torch Club

    Torch Club (ages 11-13) and Mini Flares (ages 6-10) are the service and leadership programs that serves younger members. Members in these programs identify Club and community needs, develop programs and activities and actively participate in their community. They also participate in activities that focus on personal development, socialization, problem solving, communication and decision making skills. The Torch Club serves as a natural feeder for members to join Keystone Club in their teenage years.

  • Keystone

    Keystone is the premier teen leadership program that meets teens’ vital need for positive group experiences. With the guidance of Club staff, teens are given opportunities to take on leadership roles, make leadership decisions, serve others, and engage in experiences. These experiences help to shape their knowledge of academic, career, community service, and teen outreach initiatives and projects. Keystone leaders have the opportunity to attend the National Keystone Conference each spring.

  • “I didn’t think people cared for others until I started coming to the Club!”

—Stacey, 16