Academic Success

At Boys & Girls Club of Newark, we are dedicated to every member excelling in school and becoming a lifelong learner. Programs ensure members are prepared to graduate from high school on time and ready for post-secondary education and a 21st century career.

  • Power Hour

    Power Hour is an engaging homework help and tutoring program that encourages Club members at every age to become self-directed learners. Lead by the Youth Engagement Strategist at the Club – volunteers, paid tutors, and Mentors work one on one with youth to ensure they are focusing daily on their Academic Success. The program provides academic support through homework help, extra credit, tutoring and high-yield learning activities.

  • Summer Brain Gain

    Summer Brain Gain is a summer learning loss prevention program that is comprised of one-week modules with fun, themed activities for elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Each module takes a project-based learning approach: youth engage in a process of learning through discovery, creative expression, group work, and a final project or production. As a result, kids develop high-order thinking skills necessary for success in math, reading, science, and other disciplines through the Summer Brain Gain modules while staying on track for the coming year.

  • STEM

    Dedicated STEM programs focus on closing the opportunity gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with innovative and creative programs. Using a cross-disciplinary approach that channels young people’s natural curiosity into the design process inherent in the arts, the STEM programs empower youth to create new solutions to real-world challenges. Youth engage in unique experiences that develop critical thinking, problem solving and other 21st century skills that help advance STEM knowledge and increase interest in STEM-related careers.

“Power Hour helps me learn by giving me time to do my work. The staff are there to help me with my math problems when they are too hard. That’s why I get good grades in school.”

—Alyssa, 8