At Boys & Girls Club of Newark, we are committed to preparing teens in our community to become productive and caring adults. Our Club will offer dedicated spaces for teens to engage in college and career readiness, sports leagues, and leadership opportunities.

  • CareerLaunch

    CareerLaunch is a job-readiness and career preparation program that offers a variety of activities to hone teens’ decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. CareerLaunch introduces teens to the world of work and provides the tools they need to prepare for a career including career exploration, education pathway planning and guidance in mapping out a plan for their future based upon their interests and talents. Teens have the opportunity to visit tour local businesses and participate in mock-interviews.

  • Junior Leaders

    Junior Leaders is a program that provides Club teens an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. By working in the Clubs, teens are afforded the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and a sense of community engagement all while experiencing on-the-job work experience to help preparing for a career in Boys & Girls Clubs and/or other service professions.

  • Money Matters

    Money Matters promotes financial responsibility among teens by building useful knowledge and skill on various aspects of financial literacy including managing a checking account, budgeting, saving, investing, entrepreneurship and paying for college. The program includes a supplemental web-based video game $ky. $ky turns personal finance, post-secondary and career planning into an interactive web-based game that promotes financial responsibility through informed decision making.

“I love going to the Club because we’re learning how to start a business at a young age. It is also good for my resume when I apply to college.”

—Brianna, 14